Maine's Insurance Head Appointed to Financial Stability Oversight Council

State insurance regulators have appointed Eric A. Cioppa, Superintendent of the Maine Bureau of Insurance, to a two-year term as the state insurance commissioner representative on the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). Cioppa, who also serves as President-Elect of the NAIC, will represent the interests of the nation's state insurance regulators on the council.

NAIC Advocates for International Insurance Standards Act

The NAIC supports continued inclusion of the International Insurance Standards Act (H.R. 4537) provisions in the JOBS and Investor Confidence Act (S. 488). It is vital that the Senate pass these bipartisan international insurance provisions to protect U.S. insurance consumers and companies.

Property & Casualty Educational Standards and Assessment Guidance

As requested by the NAIC Executive (EX) Committee, NAIC staff began an Educational Standards and Assessment Project in March 2018. With assistance from numerous volunteer credentialed actuaries, the NAIC expanded the Appointed Actuary knowledge statements (identified during the NAIC's 2017 Job Analysis Project) to include educational standards and assessment guidance. 

NAIC Opposes H.R. 6743, the Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act

The Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act (H.R. 6743) would undermine state insurance regulators' ability to protect insurance consumers. H.R. 6743 would preempt state data security laws and prohibit states from imposing stronger requirements for insurance consumer protection. It would also prevent state insurance regulators' from exercising their authorities to protect their own state's residents when a data security breach occurs.

Read the NAIC's letter to Congress.

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Hurricane Season Promises to be Relentless

Recent hurricanes have impacted millions of residents from coast to coast and more are on the way. These storms cause flooding, landslides and power outages. The NAIC offers these resources for consumers as they prepare for these storms and as they continue in their recovery efforts.

National Hurricane Center
Insure U: Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness & Tips for Storm Claims
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