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The NAIC Store is your gateway to a wealth of insurance information.

From consumer guides to detailed statistical reports, the NAIC provides reliable, reputable insurance facts and figures. As the keeper of one of the world's largest insurance industry databases, the NAIC has access to a robust storehouse of financial and regulatory information on thousands of insurance companies.

What's New

We are excited to let you know that most of the NAIC publications, including the Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance, are now available for immediate download as an Adobe PDF file FREE of charge. Many of our products are already available for download on our website and others will be posted when the 2015 versions become available. Some of our publications are still available in hard copy for purchase. You can view a listing of these products on our website.

Call for Papers

You are invited to submit a manuscript to the NAIC’s Journal of Insurance Regulation for its special issue on emerging and developing risks and issues.  Possible topics include:

  • Cyber risk
  • International insurance regulation
  • Health care reform implementation
  • Insurance industry and capital markets
  • Insurer credit ratings
  • Identify theft
  • Pension de-risking
  • Builders risk
  • Right of privacy/personal injury
  • Lender placed insurance
  • Claims on foreclosed properties
  • Technology and claims processing
  • Wind turbines
Other topics will be considered at the discretion of the JIR editors.  In keeping with the focus of the Journal, all manuscripts should include links to insurance regulation and/or discuss the regulatory impacts of the topic.  All manuscripts will go through the double blind review process.  Papers must be submitted by August 30. If you have questions, contact the JIR editors at or visit the Journal’s website at